George Ferguson

We could say we were lucky to have found Ryan and Darcy, but we believe it was much more than that. One Sunday afternoon we sat in our car curbside on a street called Lacey Green. A fellow approached us and asked if he could help. After telling him we were just admiring the nearby half-constructed house, he smiled and introduced himself as Darcy, one of the builders. He asked if we would like to see inside. Several calls to Darcy during our tour made us realize we were keeping him from a football game with friends but never at any time did he make us feel rushed.

Many months later when building our home became a reality we desperately searched our memory for the builder who impressed us, not only with his friendly character but with the fine workmanship Les so admired. Our memory failing us Les drove up to Eagle Mountain hoping to find that same house. Finished by now and mostly likely lived in, perhaps the new owners would pass on the builder’s name. It wasn’t long before Les recognized the house and, by chance, in the driveway was a truck marked Element Pacific Homes and two fellows standing out front.

Out bidding quotes submitted by four other builders, so began our adventure with Ryan and Darcy building our new home. It was an exciting time filled with its share of tribulations. Ryan always kept us on track when decisions had to be made. He would send us off with a smile and say “remember how much you love each other”. Ryan and Darcy were always easy to work with and always willing to listen to our input and work to make it happen.

Now that our journey is complete we can sit back and enjoy the beauty and fine quality of our new home. We met many good people during the construction of our home but more important we met two really nice people we can call friends.

Thank You Ryan & Darcy. We appreciate all you have done!

Les & Deb, Abbotsford